2014: Kharkiv gallery "Buzok" exhibition "Blessed are the eyes that see".
2013: Personal exhibition "Cars of Desire" Kharkiv House of Folk Creativity.
2009: Kiev Museum of Russian Art.
Personal exhibition in Paris in the Ukrainian cultural center.
Kharkov Art Museum.
2008: Personal exhibition "Picture postures of classics". Kharkov Art Museum.
The museum "Drobobichina". Palace of Arts in Drohobych. "About how the autumn painted" Poltava Art Museum. All-Ukrainian design competition.
2007: Novgorod-Siversky historical and artistic reserve. Chernihiv region. Koropski District House of Culture. Chernihiv region The Slovene City Museum.
2006: Gallery of Lubny. The Chernigov gallery "Plast - Art". House pupils of Kharkov
2005: Anniversary exhibition of the creative association "Burime". Kharkov Art Museum. Putivts'kyi city museum. Lebedinsky Art Museum. Poltava Art Museum. Mirgorod City Museum. Poltava region
2004: Harkiv Art Museum. The Romny Town Museum.
2003: Theodosius, gallery. I. Aivazovsky. Design Forum - 2003, gallery "Academy", Kharkov.
2000: Exhibition of Kharkiv artists "Atrium", Kharkov, gallery "AVEK"
1990: Exhibition "Edge of Design", Kharkov
1986: International exhibition "Cultural figures in the struggle for peace", Moscow

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